Business Referral Network 2.0


Business Referral Network 2.0 is a not-for-profit organization of like-minded business professionals seeking to expand their business opportunities through personal referrals, marketing opportunities, advice and education from other professionals. BRN provides a source of quality referrals to each other and our clients through its membership and experience.


Because our businesses are located in the southern suburbs, BRN was born in the southern suburbs. Our members understand the unique business climate that exists here. We are a local, not a national organization. And, we intend to stay that way. Because we’re a local not-for-profit organization, it COSTS LESS to be a part of BRN 2.0 than the national referral groups. Only one-member-per-profession can join a chapter of BRN 2.0 and a prospective business may attend twice as a visitor.

Why are we here?

  • To give our businesses a good workout.
  • To grow our business
  • To provide quality referrals
  • To learn from each other
  • To help each other
  • To expand our reach
  • We are the source of our success

We can help your business!


BRN 2.0 is like a personal trainer for Business. We will allow our reach to exceed our grasp, challenge ourselves and each other to grow our business and our organization, improve our business acumen by the sharing of skill, knowledge and expertise in marketing, managing, networking and speaking.


Through membership in Business Referral Network 2.0, and our personal referrals, we will exercise, extend, reach, and stretch our imagination, our experience, our network. We will work our corporate muscle, trim waste, and improve our bottom line. We will “feel the BRN!”


And, that is our motto “Feel the BRN!”