What can BRN do for me?

Membership in BRN will provide you with qualified business leads and referrals to help you grow your business. But it’s so much more that! You’ll also build high quality business relationships with entrepreneurs, small business owners, independent sales people and other professionals. These are experienced business leaders that collaborate with each other to solve problems, help each other learn new ideas, and to keep each other motivated.

BRN gives you the structure from which to grow. BRN teaches you how to be a proficient networker. You’ll also get to practice your presentation skills.
Rather than it just being you out there selling on your own, with BRN you have a sales force of professional business people bringing you qualified leads. It’s the group as a whole that fuels the success of each member.


What makes BRN different than any other leads group?

Like other lead groups, BRN promotes professional relationships that help you advance your business interests. But, unlike other leads groups, our member businesses are primarily located in the southern suburbs. That gives our members a better understanding of the unique business climate that exists in our market area.


What will BRN expect of me?

BRN expects you to attend meetings. You can’t build relationships if you aren’t in attendance. BRN expects you to pass, on average, one qualified referral every week. You are expected you to be ethical, professional and experienced in your line of work. BRN also expects you to help all your members to be successful and they are expected to do the same for you. Finally, you’ll be required to invite


How soon will I see financial reward?

BRN is not a get rich fast scheme. It takes time to earn the trust of your BRN members, to become adept in the networking arena, to learn to promote yourself and your business with ease. If you expect instant reward, BRN is not for you. If you want to build long-standing business relationships that will earn you qualified referrals for years to come, then BRN will be a great fit for you.


How do I know BRN will work for me?

BRN will work for you – if you work BRN. Just follow the program. It has worked extremely well for other business people just like you. To be successful in BRN – or in any endeavor – it requires perseverance and the understanding that you must give before you receive.


Why shouldn’t I just join my Chamber of Commerce?

Actually BRN believes that you should be a member of both your Chamber and BRN. Your Chamber of Commerce is good for your business and your community. The difference though between a Chamber and your BRN is exclusivity. You “own” your category when you join BRN and your competition is excluded from BRN. Chambers, by their very nature, cannot exist without being inclusive.


What really makes BRN work?

Success is achieved when you and the other BRN members participate. Remember, referrals are made based on trust and solid relationships. That’s why it is important to attend meetings and build those relationships so your BRN members will get to know you, just as you’ll get to know them.


How do I join?

Membership is by invitation only, which assures a membership roster that is compatible with the core values of the BRN. Candidates for membership must be sponsored by a current member and be approved by a majority of members. Once you are a member, BRN will protect your business category.


What if my category is filled?

BRN only accepts one representative of any profession.


How many meetings must I attend before I can join?

Each guest is required to attend two consecutive meetings before an application can be accepted. An inspection of an applicant’s place of business is a requirement of acceptance.


Who can I call if I have more questions?

Contact the BRN President or Membership Director.