Membership Timeline


Attend one or two Tuesday morning breakfast or “AfterBurner” meetings.


Lunch with BRN 2.0 inviter and member of membership committee (if interested in joining).


Contact membership committee member or inviter to inform them of your commitment to join and schedule your next breakfast attendance


Attend one of the next two Tuesday morning BRN 2.0 meetings. At this meeting you will be asked to submit your membership paperwork along with payment to join. You will also be asked to talk for 3 minutes on why you feel you would be a good addition to BRN 2.0. BRN 2.0 Members will then discuss and vote on your acceptance into the group. Member of BRN membership committee will contact you to inform you of BRN vote. Upon acceptance you will be expected to start attending Tuesday morning meetings on a regular basis. If membership is denied your check will be returned.

Membership Fees

New Member Application Fee

$100.00 is the one time initial application fee.

Annual Membership Fee

$95.00 is the annual renewal fee due the first week of each January.
This fee is prorated for new members

Quarterly Meeting Room/Meal Cost

$120.00 is the Meeting Room/Meal fee due at the beginning of each quarter.
The cost is based on $10 per week.