Member Testimonials

BRN 2.0 has help me build my company. In two years I have tripled my business with the advice and referrals that I have received from everyone there.
Clyde Yahnke – Clyde the Appliance Guy

I have been a member since the inception of the group actually belonged when we were Le Tip. Have had great success with this group. Do not always get a referral every week but this group definitely supports my business. But the greatest benefit of this group is the information that is shared by everyone and their businesses. It helps to hear from other business people and how they run their businesses and the things they have done to help grow their business.

Stan Eighner – Eighner’s Florist

I was thrilled to receive an invitation to join BRN 2.0 and became a member in October, 2016. Since that time, I have never regretted joining as a participant. The group provides an exception resource of professional individuals providing a wide variety of services and products. I have personally utilized the services of members as well as referred both friends and clients to individuals within the group for various tasks. The results were outstanding and I shall continue to utilize the service of individual members in the future. In addition, a member of the group is provided an opportunity to address the group regarding his or her business which I have found to be of the utmost benefit.  It provides an opportunity for all the members to learn about other occupations as well as the marketing and struggles related thereto. The group has provided a source of referral to my office of new clients as well as networking between the individual members. I am proud to be a member of BRN 2.0.

William J. Bryan – Law Office of William J. Bryan

Since joining BRN several years ago I have gotten several good clients through referrals from other members.  However, BRN is more than just a networking group. Each week we have take turns speaking and teaching others what we have to offer. This allows members to really know our business and therefore can refer our services to friends and family who may need our expertise. We are not in competition with each other as only one slot per occupation is allowed. The members we have, I feel,  have become friends. Our meetings are interesting and what’s more they are fun.  People outside the room can hear us laughing and often peek in to see what is going on. We enjoy each other and more importantly, help each other grow our businesses!

Marcia Duncan – Travel Consultant

“One of my unexpected surprises from our lead generation group was learning from Clyde that you can clean your dishwasher by just adding “Tang”, the powdered orange juice mix to the cycle….sure enough…it worked great!

Bruce Hackel – Remax Synergy, Flossmoor

I remember when I first joined BRN 2.0. I wondered if it would be worth the time and expense. I can report that the return on investment from new business opportunities has greatly exceeded my expectations. But, while I appreciate this new source of business revenue, there are other, unexpected benefits that I’ve come to appreciate even more. For example, the shared knowledge I’ve gained other business owners, my increased confidence in public speaking, and the comradery of 20 other like-minded business professionals. My motto has always been “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” If you are thinking of joining BRN 2.0, give it a try. Like me, you might be pleased with the results.

Bob Klaas – Tower Marketing Services (Marketing)

“I joined the referral group 5 years…In tracking the sources of my business year over year I can count on 20-30% of my business coming from BRN. Just as important as the business I derive from BRN, is the network that I have at my fingertips for my family, friends and customers.”

Dan Carr – American Portfolio (Mortgage Lender) – Member Since 2009

“I have been part of the group for a little more than two year and have seen growth in the group and in my business during this time. I was hesitant at first, thinking that I would test the waters and then probably resign. However, I feel that I have gained business and more importantly, friends and now I look forward to our meetings each week.”

Marcia Duncan – A Frugal Traveler (Travel Agent) – Member Since 2010

“Despite my healthy dose of skepticism, I joined the group. I am happy to say that dollars spent on BRN 2.0 have been the best ROI out of any marketing activities I have attempted. What has been even more incredible are the intrinsic and intangible aspects, such as building my brand with business leaders in the community, and the friendships that have formed that are impossible to affix a dollar value.”

Adam Hage – State Farm Insurance (Home/Auto/Life) – Member Since 2013

“I and my business have benefited greatly. It’s not just the referrals which have helped my bottom line; it’s the inspiration, the information and ideas of how to run a better business….”

Wilson Gee – Floor Coverings Direct (Flooring) – Member Since 2011