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To be appropriately dressed in business casual attire for all meetings To attend all meetings and to arrive on time and to stay throughout the entire meeting

  1. To miss no more than two consecutive meetings or four meetings in any quarter.
  2. Excessive tardiness or early departures may be counted as an absence
    1. To call the Vice President or President if I am unable to attend a meeting
    2. To notify Programs if I am unable to attend a meeting at which I am the speaker. I understand

I will miss my turn as speaker and will have to wait until the next regularly scheduled time to speak.

To invite no less than three perspective members each calendar year

To make at least twelve (12) referrals in each calendar year

To conform to BRN 2.0 bylaws, rules and procedures

To support the organization and my fellow members with attendance, referrals, advice, personal effort and excellent service

To respect the organization and its members and to provide proper response to referrals

To maintain my business in good standing with all licenses, accreditation, memberships, corporate franchises and other evidence of my qualifications in my business category current and up to date.

To maintain BRN 2.0 as my exclusive business referral group

To fully maintain all financial obligations to BRN 2.0

My signature below indicates that I understand initiation fees are non-refundable except in the event that my application is not approved. I have read, understand and agree to abide by all membership obligations. I understand that my membership may be terminated for violation of membership obligations or non-payment of dues and fees. Upon termination of my membership, no dues or fees are refundable and all rights of membership are terminated. In the event my membership is terminated for any reason, [by myself or by BRN 2.0] or my application is not approved, I agree to hold harmless BRN 2.0, its membership, officers for any cause of action, known or unknown, accrued now or in the future, and incurred as a result of my membership in or application for membership in BRN 2.0.
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* Upon admission of membership, new member shall supply fifty (50) business cards for distribution.
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